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Assurrance Services

Stakeholder's safety & confidence is the key to the growth of the organisation. Pavuluri & Co has wealth of experience in Statutory Audit of varied industries.

Statutory Audits, GST Audits, Tax Audits:

The services provided by us are as follows:

  • Statutory Audit of the financial statements of the organization in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) in India and as per Indian Companies Act, 2013
  • Review & Reporting to overseas Parent Companies in line with the IFRS / US GAAP.
  • Audits as directed by C & AG or Reserve Bank of India.
  • Audits of Trusts, Multi-state Co-operatives etc.
  • Limited Reviews as required under Listing Agreement issued by SEBI.
  • Tax Audits in accordance with the requirements of Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act of India.

Internal Audit

  • We believe that optimizing Return together with Risk is a key element today in enhancing any company’s valuation.
  • We provide Solutions to manage these key risks, which threaten company's returns by conducting effective RISK BASED Internal Audit.
  • We specialize in carrying out such internal audits under ERP environment.
  • We, generally, focus on:
    • Assessment of control environment
    • Systems and procedural controls and
    • Value adding suggestions on:
      • Business process improvements
      • Prevention of revenue leakages
      • Identification of cost reduction and cost control areas

Incidentally, enriching the control environment and process efficiency are the key areas.

The Risk Based Internal Audit function has changed considerably in the recent past. The Risk Based Internal auditor no longer embarks on a faultfinding mission. The audit methodology has continuously shifted from a review of individual transactions with the objective of detecting errors and omissions, to a review of systems, processes and procedures. In other words, the traditional Risk Based Internal auditor who was always reactive has given way to a proactive consultant.

Forensic Services

Pavuluri & Co carry a longstanding and rich experience in the area of assurance practice, forensic accounting & Investigations etc. in corporate sector and in Banking Sector as well.

Over the period, Pavuluri & Co has devised its own methodology in this service line and has carried out assignments successfully. Forensic Accounting is imperative, not only in unearthing fraud or irregularities for assisting litigations but also in improving the present control environment and in preventing occurrence of such events in future with the help of suggestions on making the control robust enough.

Therefore, Forensic Accounting is undertaken in order to have a comprehensive analysis by unearthing prevailing issues or identifying potential issues, if any. It is also expected to provide a host of solutions together with implementation guidance for preventing such occurrence in future. The importance of the forensic accountant’s role in the detection of fraud is continuously growing.

Forensic Accounting involves the application of special skills in accounting, auditing, finance, quantitative methods. Pavuluri & Co, armed with combination of such skills, is ready to cope with the increasing demand for forensic accountants as a result of increasing levels of frauds, which is likely to increase substantially in the future.

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